10 Best Foods to Try in Oaxaca, Mexico

Looking for Oaxaca’s best restaurants? Want to sample the most varied cuisine Mexico has to offer in one location? If you’re interested in learning more about Mexican cooking, here is the place for you. There are up to 16 indigenous communities in the state. Every community has its own distinctive historical practices and language. Prepare your palate as we list the best foods to try in Oaxaca. Lastly, and maybe most importantly, know where to look.

1) Mole

Oaxaca is where the word “mole” initially appeared. a national cuisine that is widely consumed across the country and is prepared especially for special occasions. Simply put, mole is a complex, thick sauce. The main ingredients in mole are fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs, onions, chilies, nuts, chocolate, and spices. There are seven main varieties of mole in Oaxacan cuisine. These include moles that are black, red, green, and yellow.

However, the most popular mole in Oaxaca is the black mole (negro). And without a doubt one of the best foods to try when visiting Oaxaca. The most difficult mole to produce is mole negro, which has a lot of ingredients. Even unsweetened dark chocolate is acceptable. With beef, pork, chicken, or turkey,

2) Empanadas

In other Latin American nations, empanadas are typically little, deep-fried pastry. The most widely used fillings are composed of a variety of meats and vegetables. But in Oaxaca, an empanada is a substantial tortilla stuffed with cheese and meat. After that, it is cut in half and toasted on a comal. One that is served with mole amarillo should be sought for (yellow mole).

Before departing Oaxaca, make sure to sample the empanada with flor de calabaza. This should be among your top picks for meals to try when in Oaxaca. The flor de calabaza empanada is essentially a fresh zucchini blossom with quesillo on top. Your preferred salsa is sprinkled over it as you order it. absolute happiness

3) Tlayudas 

Tlayudas is the local street food of Oaxaca. referred to as a Mexican-style pizza rather commonly. First, both sides of a large, crisp tortilla are toasted over a fire. Then, hog fat and bean paste are applied to the surface. To finish the dish, they also add quesillo (Oaxacan string cheese), tomato, soft avocado, lettuce, or cabbage for crunch. Of course, you can add meat if you want.

This is the street food I like best in Oaxaca. When visiting Oaxaca, tlayudas should certainly be at the top of your list of foods to consume. The crunchy, smokey tortilla filled with flavorful salsa and fresh toppings is unrivaled. On top, don’t forget to squeeze some lime. Tlayuda is easily accessible throughout the city.

4) Pozole

This dish is a must-try if you’re looking for the best dishes in Oaxaca. Pozole is a common soup in Mexico. The essential element? Hominy. essentially dry maize dissolved in a mineral bath This technique softens and doubles the size of the kernels while separating the hulls from the kernels.

The soup is topped with lime juice, cabbage, radishes, chile, and the meat of your choice. The very finest comfort food!

5) Sopa de Mariscos

There are a ton of different soups to taste in Mexico. Watch for further soup. The shark soup (braised or stewed beef). It is one of the best dishes to try when in Oaxaca, according to us.

6) Tamales

Tamales are the typical Mexican snack dish. They are common across Mexico. Tamales’ dough is made from ground corn. Small containers with meat, salsa, and vegetables. After being wrapped in banana or corn leaves, they are fried.

The traditional tamales of Oaxaca differ slightly from those of the rest of Mexico. In Oaxaca, mole and chipil, frijol, rajas, and pollo (chicken) are the traditional tamale fillings (local herbs). I’ve even received tamales with sweet fillings here.

As soon as you find a reputable tamale vendor, you’re ready to go! I love to purchase them at the Mercado Benito Juarez. When we asked our Spanish instructor for advice on the best foods to taste in Oaxaca, she recommended this restaurant.

A lengthy line of women are selling tamales at this market. You may locate them at Calle Miguel Cabrera’s entrance. They are covered with sizable baskets. Simply inquire about the fillings they have available today, and then eat every single one of them.

7) Carne Asada

I enjoy delicious food, and this is a fantastic gastronomic experience. Put this at the top of your list of dishes to try while in Oaxaca.

The Carne Asada Hall is located in the 20 de Noviembre market. There are vendors selling raw meat chops all down the passageway. Order your preferred meat from the available proteins.

Beef, pork, and chorizo are all readily available. The sellers will grill it for you once it has been ordered. proceed to the next stall. Request that your preferred vegetables be grilled as well.

Order some tortillas, salad, and beverages to go at the end of the corridor. Be patient as you wait for your BBQ. The staff will deliver it to you once it is ready.

8) Memelas

Memelas are a typical dish in Oaxaca. One of the foods you really must try while visiting Oaxaca. And you may eat them whenever you want, whether for dinner or breakfast. In every part of the city, street vendors sell them.

They are similar to sopes, a dish also offered at roadside booths in Central and Southern Mexico. Vendors prepare the thinner and smaller memela tortilla on a comal.

bean paste, the topping of your choice, and some lard. Popular choices include tinga de pollo (spicy stewed chicken) and chicharron (pig rinds) (spicy stewed chicken).

Finally, the topping. Quesillo or freshly shred cheese.

9) Quesillo

Quesillo is the most amazing cheese! It’s stringy, creamy, and delicious, and it’s everywhere. It is available in multilayer, rolled-up ball shape.

The flavor of this cheese is similar to mozzarella. It pairs well with a crisp lager and has a firm texture with a salty undertone. You really can’t miss this one. This classic dish is one of the cuisines of Oaxaca that you must taste.

10) Tejate

Yes, tejate is more equivalent to a beverage. It is also substantial, filling, and nutritious. For that reason, it may be included on this list of dishes to eat in Oaxaca. The recipe calls for white flower, mamey seeds, cacao beans, and crushed maize (flor de cacao). The white flower is the essential element. It is where Tejate gets its distinctive flavor and creamy top.

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