How to Visit AMAZING Dubai On a Budget

Is it possible to visit Dubai on a tight budget? Before we left, everyone had warned me about how expensive this city was. In order to stay within our budget, we decided to take a quick excursion here. We found several four-star hotels that were offered at incredibly inexpensive prices when we started looking for hotels online. This was a huge surprise; perhaps we might still visit Dubai on a limited budget?

Yes, visiting Dubai on a budget is possible! Let’s show you how!

Getting Around – Buy a Metro Card at the Airport

As a favor to yourself, get a silver transport card in the arrivals area of the airport. By doing this, you will significantly reduce your transportation costs in this city. All of the neighborhood convenience stores sell these.

To obtain the card, you must pay 25 AED (6.80), which comprises of 6 AED for the card’s purchase and 19 AED in credit.

The bus that would take us fairly near to our accommodation was waiting for us outside the airport. Buses and the metro have air conditioning. The front section of buses is designated for usage only by women and children. In metro systems, there are two cars designated only for women and children.

The cost of taking the metro or bus one way is between 3 and 5 AED ($0.80 and 1.30).

Taxis are affordable too

Although it is quite inexpensive to take a taxi from the airport, there is also an airport flag fee of 25 AED ($6.80). Take a bus that stops farther away from the arrivals station to avoid paying this charge.

Stay Connected

A SIM card may be purchased in Dubai in only five minutes. The purchase of a “Esilat” sim card is advised. In order to purchase a sim card, which costs 105 AED ($29.00), you must provide your passport. Better still, getting an eSIM would be less difficult and expensive.

To navigate the city utilizing the metro and buses, it’s helpful to have a sim card or an eSIM.

Use public transportation if you’re on a small budget and want to see Dubai.

Where to Stay in Dubai on a budget?

A room at the Monaco Hotel in Dubai’s Deira neighborhood has been reserved by us. Including tax, we payed $27 for one night. The room was fantastic! Very neat and comfortable, with quick wifi, a kettle, and a small refrigerator.

Dubai is a wonderful metropolis that is well-designed and easy to get around. We decided to stay in one of the city’s districts, in a working-class area.

We benefited from this because it was the center of all the great, reasonably priced food! We were able to travel to Dubai on a short budget and still stay in a great place thanks to it!

Our lodging was within a 7-minute stroll from the Al Rigga Metro station. We knew that if we wanted to go to Dubai on a small budget, we would have to use public transit.

Best place to view the Palm in Dubai on a budget

In just four stations from our hotel, the metro took us to the Dubai Mall, the Burj Kalifa, and other sites. We took the metro for 35 minutes to get to the other side of town. The Marriott hotel’s Observatory Deck on the top floor, where you could see “the Palm,” was just a short stroll away from this location.

Visit a bar during happy hour, which runs from 4 to 8 p.m. (cocktails and the bulk of drinks are 30 AED, or $8). Sit by the window and enjoy the sunset.

This area of Dubai is popular with visitors and international residents, and it is full with magnificent structures and five-star hotels.

We strolled along the marina after leaving the bar. There are several great restaurants here (although expensive ones). Dubai is a great city to walk about because of how appealing it is as a metropolis.

Where to Eat in Dubai on a Budget

Our favorite thing to do in any new place is find great, affordable restaurants! Some of our favorite eateries in different parts of Dubai are listed here. The majority of the delicious meals we had there were $5 to $10 per person.
Your location is in Deira District. We really enjoyed the working-class neighborhood. You may eat delicious Middle Eastern and Filipino food in abundance nearby for incredibly low prices.

Sultan of Dubai

Along with plates of hummus and falafel, we also ordered a ton of bread and olives. There were a total of 24 AED. ($6.50). They sell decent Turkish coffee for 7 AED.

Where to Find the Best Sweets

The nearest candy store, Qwaider Al Nabulsi, has the freshest Arabic sweets. My favorite dish was the kanafeh. It reminded me of the delectable treats I had when passing through Syria.

Do you want to sample Dubai’s best baklava? It’s so good, visit “Al Samadi” and purchase more than you intend to consume.

Damascus Restaurant serves Middle Eastern food.

a busy area with outdoor dining. We all split a fatteh with shawarma meat, a fattoush salad, a lot of bread, a big salad, and pickles. It cost 42 AED ($11.50) in total. Without a doubt, we’d come back for dinner. Expect big quantities that are perfect for sharing as well.

One of the Best Meals Ever

At RAVI Restaurant, I got the finest Pakistani lunch I’ve ever had. Unquestionably, it was on par with anything I ate during that amazing foodie trip I took to Karachi, Pakistan.

Here, Ravi Restaurant has met all standards! Excellent value, abundant portions, and busy.

We ordered as much fresh naan as you’d want, large iced water, mutton Peshwari (22 AED), dahl fried (8 AED), and palak paneer (15 AED). The best meal I’ve ever had was the mutton Peshwari.

Total cost was 55 AED, or barely more than $15.

This was without a doubt one of my all-time favorite dinners. Despite the restaurant’s simplicity and cleanliness, the food was great. I’ll undoubtedly return to this restaurant when I visit Dubai in the future to eat.

Location: Karama

Al Ustad is the name of Persian kebabs.

Kebabs have been offered here for over 38 years. It’s taken care of by the tiny canteen-style restaurant, which is bustling every night of the week. The menu is brief, yet the alternatives are excellent.

A selection of kebabs, chicken soup, and hummus are available. Each of them is served with toast or rice and a side of garlic sauce, tomato, cucumber, and onion.

Budget between 40 and 50 AED ($10 to $13) per person for a substantial dinner.

The Sights

In Dubai, there are so many attractions and things to do! To organize your trip to Dubai on a budget and to keep you interested in this beautiful city, check out GetYourGuide or Viator.

Travel Options After Dubai

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If you enjoy the UAE, we suggest taking the time to see Oman’s natural wonders. Our time in this nation, which borders the United Arab Emirates, was really enjoyable. What a delightful surprise this was!

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