9 Best Places to Stay in Argentina

Argentina is a country of opposites, one could say. Argentina is a South American nation that includes vineyards, tall mountains, national parks, glaciers, and beaches in addition to a sizable Atlantic Ocean coastline. Such a unique setting cries out for equally unique lodging, and there are plenty of options. As you prepare for your upcoming vacation, pick one or more of these fantastic hotels in Argentina.

9. Cavas Wine Lodge, Mendoza

Given that Mendoza is Argentina’s wine capital, the Cavas Wine Lodge is the ideal spot to stay in the vicinity. Even though the Cavas Wine Lodge is located in a vineyard, guests may gaze up and enjoy breathtaking views of the Andes Mountains while partaking in wine tastings. An on-site restaurant at the Cavas Wine Lodge serves organic food to go with local wines. Each room has a private deck with a west-facing view and a nightly sunset over the mountains.

8. Design Suites Calafate

At the Design Suites hotel in Calafate, which boasts a breathtaking setting overlooking the waters of Lago Argentino, you can take in the magnificence of Patagonia. You’ll enjoy the beautiful, contemporary design that is unmistakably influenced by the mountains, in addition to the amenities, which range from an on-site art gallery to a complete health club and gym facility. The Design Suites Calafate are the ideal starting point for exploring the magnificent splendor of the nearby Glaciers National Park.

7. Palacio Duhau, Buenos Aires

The elegant Palacio Duhau hotel is housed in a Neoclassical building in the heart of Buenos Aires. The Casa Rosada Presidential Palace and the top restaurants in the city are both nearby the Palacio Duhau, which has everything you could possibly need. Luxury marble baths, a stylish bar where you can chill with a drink, three restaurants providing elegant meals, and a ballroom where you can dance the night away are all on-site amenities.

6. Estancia La Bamba de Areco

The Estancia La Bamba de Areco is the manor home of one property that has transformed into a chic hotel for affluent visitors. An estancia is a traditional cattle ranch in Argentina. With vineyards and stables all around, the hotel is the kind of place where you can unwind by riding horses whenever you wish. Staff members dressed in gauchos will be happy to saddle you up, bring you a glass of local wine, or arrange your spa treatments whenever you like.

5. Eolo Patagonia Spirit Hotel

The Eolo Patagonia Spirit Hotel is a great option if you want to be pampered at an all-inclusive resort while still being surrounded by some of the greatest views in all of Argentina. Because of the hotel’s precise location in the La Anita Valley, close to El Calafate, guests can see mountains and the water from their room windows. The luxuriously decorated rooms provide first-rate dining and spa services. It’s only an hour away, but you’ll want to leave the hotel just to see the magnificent Perito Moreno Glacier.

4. Entre Cielos, Mendoza

High in the Andes is where the boutique hotel Entre Cielos, which translates to “between skies,” is situated. Because it’s right next to a vineyard, Entre Cielos is the only place oenophiles should stay. The opulent Entre Cielos offers more wine tasting than you could possibly fit into even the longest vacation, along with the full pampering of a first-rate spa and hammam, a floating wine loft in the vineyard, two on-site restaurants, and more. On the property’s fitness trail, where you can see the Andes mountains right outside your hotel room, you can exercise while admiring the scenery.

3. Alvear Palace Hotel, Buenos Aires

The Alvear Palace Hotel is located in the heart of Buenos Aires, Argentina’s upscale Recoleta neighborhood. This hotel, which was established in 1932, is very spectacular in style and has come to symbolize South American opulence. It makes sense that the building’s facades appear to be French given that it was influenced by Parisian architecture from the 1920s. At the Alvear Palace Hotel, where you can arrange for butler service, sip champagne, and enjoy a prime location for exploring Buenos Aires, lovely suites are now available.

2. Arakur Ushuaia Resort & Spa

Being located in Ushauia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, this hotel truly is at the end of the planet. The Arakur Ushuaia Resort & Spa overlooks the city directly while being more than 800 meters (2,600 feet) above sea level and surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Right from the hotel, you can hike through the Reserva Natural Cerro Alarkén, and once you’re back, you can relax with opulent spa treatments.

1. Llao Llao Hotel & Resort

This pricey resort is a haven of sheer luxury, offering everything from an excellent spa to a superb golf course. The Llao Llao Hotel & Resort in Bariloche is the ideal spot for outdoor activities. In the winter, the nearby Andes Mountains provide countless opportunities for skiing and snowboarding, and in the summer, Lago Nahuel Huapi’s crystal-clear waters beckon. The hotel has developed a reputation as the place where international dignitaries, celebrities, and jetsetters go to unwind and explore Patagonia since it opened its doors to visitors in 1938.

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